Thornton Hall Review Committee Report

A four person Review Committee was established on 5 April to examine the need for new prison accommodation and to consider new non-custodial options for convicted offenders and to report in July 2011.  Minister Alan Shatter published the Committee’s report on 28th July and the Government has approved in principle the Report’s recommendations.

The reduced capital envelope this year will not allow the Prison Service to proceed with the construction of Thornton Hall or Kilworth prisons as recommended by the Thornton Hall Review Committee Report.  However, Minister Shatter said “the Government remains very much committed to addressing the twin problems of overcrowding and poor physical conditions within the prison estate.  and while it has been necessary to defer the commencement of these projects. It is my strong intention to revisit the timeframe for their delivery in 12 months time.”

Posted in: Department of Justice & Equality
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