Minister Alan Shatter announces Ireland’s first formal Visa Waiver Programme

Minister Alan Shatter today launched Ireland’s first formal Visa Waiver Programme designed to assist in the promotion of Ireland as a quality business and leisure destination in markets which would not have been regarded as traditional source countries for tourism to Ireland. Under the provisions of the Programme, which will run as a pilot from 1st July 2011 to 31st October 2012, nationals of 16 specified countries who presently need a visa to enter Ireland and who obtain a visa to enter the UK for a short term visit will not need to obtain a separate visa to include a visit to Ireland on their itinerary. In addition, special arrangements have been put in place to facilitate visits to this State by nationals of these 16 countries who are long-term residents in the UK. It is hoped that this arrangement will encourage a substantial increase in tourists visits to Ireland and in particular, result in a significant number of people who visit London for the 2012 Olympics also visiting Ireland.

Posted in: Department of Justice & Equality
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